Meet Shannon Joseph, our CEO and Founder

Shannon is a tenacious leader, enthusiastic, driven, focused, positive, and passionate about life and making a positive impact in the world for others.

Shannon grew up in Bucks County Pennsylvania and spent much of her childhood riding bikes and exploring at the lake near her home.  She got her Associates for Hotel and Restaurant Management and started her career in sales while attending college.  Shannon liked sales so much she pursued sales in various industries and has over 16 years of professional career experience in sales, marketing, business development and people development. From 2011 until 2020 Shannon worked as a Director of Sales for Hospitality Companies in the tri-state area with 6 years in NYC.  Shannon and Guerby decided to pursue their dream of moving to Tampa Florida in June 2020 to start planting their roots for both business and a future family.  

Shannon truly enjoys connecting with people and creating long-term relationships.  Her passion is to make an impact in the world and help other people live better lives.  She has always had an Entrepreneurial Mindset that she has applied to her corporate career, and her previous businesses.  She launched her first business part-time when she was 20 years old and has had 4 businesses since then.