Joseph’s Tea is a US tea company founded by power duo, Shannon and Guerby Joseph. Both having an entrepreneurial spirit, they loved exploring new passions together and discovered a love for tea and tea shops along the way. Joseph’s Tea is a way for them to help consumers find their daily dose of healthiness and warmth, with high-quality, all-natural tea blends. They reached out to me and sent me their Blood Orange Rooibos to review (Anything blood orange is a big winner for me). Here are my thoughts:

Blood Orange Rooibos: Subtle and a bit elegant are the thoughts that come to mind with this blend. The aroma of the tea before brewing citrusy and sweet-smelling and brews a nice vibrant orange-red color. The aroma of the brewed tea had many rooibos notes in it, almost sharper with some sweet notes. This tea really reminds me more of a rooibos tea with little flavor pockets. Upon tasting the tea, I first noticed full-bodied rooibos taste, with slight woodsy notes in it. At the end of each sip, there was a slightly sweeter element that was at the tip of each sip. I would call this more a rooibos tea with subtle elements of the blood orange. It definitely does not scream blood orange, but I love rooibos so I am very happy with this blend.

Ingredients:South African Red Tea, Manadarin Orange Flavor, Marigold

Price: This tea is $15 for 20 tea sachets which equivalents to $0.75 per tea sachet. This tea does not do too well on the second steeping so it is mostly a one use tea. I think this pricing is a tiny bit on the higher side.

Packaging: The tea came in a tin that sealed tightly. This helped keep the aroma in and the tea fresher. I find that sometimes if rooibos is not properly stored, it definitely can go bad quicker than other teas. So, I was happy with the tin.

Sourcing: The “red tea” is from South Africa. There is not too much sourcing information needed for this tea, in my opinion.

Do you like rooibos? My mom has never been a fan, but I love the natural almost nuttiness it has. Happy Brewing!

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Hi there! I’m Danielle and this is my personal blog is Tea And Me. I just started the process of getting my MBA! Oh, another fun fact: I love tea!

My blog Tea & Me is dedicated to my love for tea and is inspired by the topics that I want to learn and research. It also is a small platform for small businesses and their tea as I review and document my tea journey with each kind. I absolutely love what I do and am very excited to continue this journey with you! Enjoy and Happy Brewing!

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